Building Children’s Self-Esteem and Confidence in Small Groups

Bright, bubbly Helen Doron Learning Centre Franchisee and teacher, Harisa Haznadar, tells her Helen Doron story in her own words:

“I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and have a twin sister, as well as an older sister. Both of them decided to pursue their happiness in the United States of America. My older sister has a doctorate in Genetics and lives and works in Washington D.C., while my twin, Adisa, is completing her doctoral studies in clinical and sport psychology in North Carolina. After my completing my master’s studies in Art History in the Czech Republic, I returned to my homeland to make my life here.

My father is an electronic engineer and my mother is an economist and they always taught us that education is the true key to fulfilling dreams and desires, and that if we set our mind to something, we can manage it all!

We speak Bosnian with our parents at home, but my sisters and I have always spoke English to each other. I was an active Helen Doron teacher for 2 years, before deciding to become a Learning Centre Franchisee. I enjoy being both a Learning Centre Franchisee and a teacher at the same time, because it gives me full freedom to create the very best surroundings for our employees/teachers/parents and children.

I taught an English course, so I can compare standard teaching methodologies to the Helen Doron approach with confidence. The Helen Doron methodology is unique, where we use audio, visual and creative aspects. Every teacher gets to be very creative and has all the freedom of creating a pleasant, educational environment, where children love to come as they ALWAYS come first. Unlike methods used in ‘regular’ language courses, based on memorizing words and grammar—with our methodology, children are unaware that they are naturally absorbing English through games and fun.”

Harisa enthusiastically explains why parents should send their children to Helen Doron English classes.  “It is never too early or too late for your child to start learning English. In our wonderful Centro Helen Dorons, where the groups are small, we work on your child’s self-esteem, while encouraging your child to develop creative, linguistic and motor abilities. Teachers have an individual approach; they listen to what your child has to say (in English, of course) and are ready to adopt any great ideas your child may have in class!”