SUCCESS! Famous Methodology Produces Happy Students with Perfect English

Meet Elisa Tagliaferri, a Helen Doron teacher at the Cernusco Sul Naviglio Centro Helen Doron (not far from Milan, Italy). Armed with a degree in foreign languages and literature, rasied by a Belgian-American mom and mother to four kids from 8 to 20 years of age, Elisa found Helen Doron to be a perfect fit for herself as a teacher, as well as her youngest daughter, who happily benefits from the Helen Doron methodology as a student.

“When I came across the Helen Doron method five years ago, I  was already an experienced English teacher and I was working at the primary and middle Waldorf schools in Milan.

I immediately realized that this method suited me perfectly: it enabled me to fully express myself (I LOVE singing, dancing and DIY), and also provided me with plenty of new stimuli to  improve my teaching.  On top of that, I loved the materials, the songs, the activity books (especially those of the new courses from Flupe onwards) and the lovely cartoons.” Enthused Ms. Tagliaferri.

The experienced teacher found herself teachng many subjects in different settings. “I started working at the Helen Doron Learning Centre in the afternoons, while in the mornings I taught English and French to teenage students, in addition to an adult evening course.

In the meantime, I tested the method on my youngest daughter, who started attending a Fun with Flupe class at the age of four and is currently attending More Jump with Joey. She is learning so many things without even noticing, not to mention her perfect accent! “

Why does Helen Doron work best for her? “ I like everything about my job: I have fun while teaching, I like preparing my lessons and my props, and I feel at home in the family friendly atmosphere of the Centro Helen Doron. This  year I also started helping with the organization of the extra activities of the school: nursery school and kindergarten courses, birthday parties, special events etc.  I am really happy!

I think this is the best job in the world for someone who likes English, children and teaching…just like me!”