SUCCESS! Enthusiastic Helen Doron Teacher Learns Something New Every Day

My name is Sanja Stojsavljevic and I live in Zagreb, Croatia. Ever since I was a little girl I was exposed to the English language. My grandmother was an English teacher and always tried to include the language in our everyday lives.  Over the years I continued to learn it in different language schools. The love for English, which my grandma helped me develop, has stayed with me until this day.

I have been working for Helen Doron for four years. After seeing a Helen Doron centre in my neighbourhood I decided to apply for the job because it seemed like something I would enjoy doing. And I was right! Today I teach children from 3 to 12 years old.

The Helen Doron methodology is much different from other English courses in Croatia. My working experience prior to teaching at Helen Doron has made me see how this methodology brings so much more out of the children. It helps them express themselves in many ways, not just verbally. Each class is different, we always have so much fun and we learn something new. They learn from me and I always learn from them. They help me become a better teacher. By listening to their needs and observing the way they react to the method helps me improve my teaching skills. I am their teacher, but in many ways – they are mine, too.

I am often asked about my job by my family and friends. Sometimes they are sceptical about teaching English to very young children and tend to have prejudice. My answer to all of them is the same – just come and see one of our classes. After you’ve seen what we do and what the children can do – you will not have any more questions.

If you are someone considering a career as a Helen Doron English
teacher, know that this job brings you lots of joy and fulfilment. You never have two days at work that are exactly the same and it gives you the freedom to express your creativity. Singing, dancing and laughter are an important part of every day’s work and you always go home with a big smile!