Global Conference 2021

Back on Track with Helen Doron International Franchise Online Conference

Franchisees from 38 countries met virtually to share experiences, learn from each other creative ways to cope with the global crisis, and receive inspiration and encouragement.

Misgav, Israel   May 1, 2021 

Despite the effects of the worldwide pandemic, Helen Doron Educational Group, the global franchise, continues to grow and expand.

Every year, master franchisees from across the globe, as well as the head office team, meet together to share knowledge, information and ideas. As travel is curtailed this year due to Covid-19, the conference was held online, with franchisees from 38 countries participating virtually.

Highlights of the online conference included a wide variety of topics chosen to empower the franchisees’ businesses and introduce new pedagogic programmes and digital product releases.

CEO and Founder Helen Doron delivered the welcoming remarks and presented the latest in pedagogics and teacher training. Chief Customer Officer, Eli Fefer, summed up the achievements of 2020 and summarized all that was accomplished and maintained throughout the entire network during the coronavirus crisis and expounded on goals for 2021 and beyond. Head of Marketing, Naomi Teper-Neer, presented marketing highlights from the past year, focusing on the strength of the company’s DNA, messaging and campaigns for the franchise’s 35th birthday, and upcoming projects, campaigns and summer camps. Business Training Manager, Diego Bronstein,  presented various new tools to support franchisees’ businesses, including an extensive internal Learning Management System developed for the entire network.

Other experts augmented the presentations with additional support topics, and each section was followed by a lively question and answer session. Additionally, the talks on “Overcoming the Challenge of 2020: Master Franchisees Share Best Practices for Coping and Moving Forward” were presented by various perspectives on how they are managing and succeeding.  Breakout sessions on a myriad of topics were developed to support business development from all angles.

Participants were delighted to hear that their network has been awarded an acclaimed Global Franchise Award for the 3rd year in a row, this time for Global Mentorship, thanks to the unprecedented support provided to the entire network of franchisees, teachers, parents and students. The company won the esteemed Global Mentorship award two years in a row in 2020 and 2021 and Best Children’s Educational Franchise in 2019.

The conference attendees also congratulated Master Franchisee milestones of 10, 15, 20 years and more, while new franchisees and areas were welcomed to the “family”. Learning Centre franchisees joined in for part of the second day, with topics and discussions dedicated explicitly to boosting their businesses.

Feedback from franchisees was overwhelmingly positive and appreciative, based on the post-conference survey.

CEO and Founder Helen Doron enthusiastically concluded, “To all of you, I look forward to meeting you next year in person and making up for the lost personal time. For now, let’s move forward! By finding the positive aspects in the situation, leading innovative solutions while maintaining flexibility, we overcome every obstacle and look forward to getting Back on Track! “