Helen Doron English Students raise awareness to help the Endangered Orangutan

Children across the globe joined together to say “Hello My World!” to raise awareness for the plight of the endangered orangutan and vanishing rainforests.

“Hello My World!” is an international social awareness and educational campaign initiated by the Helen Doron Educational Group to mark the 30th anniversary of Helen Doron English. The awareness campaign taught students about how and why animals lose their natural habitats and how palm trees used for manufacturing palm oil can lead to the extinction of numerous animal species.

3000 students from 31 countries submitted videos in English to spread the message. Children and teens of all ages not only addressed the plight of the orangutan and vanishing rainforests but shared the message with their parents, their classmates and the broader community.

Helen Doron Ltd. matched each video submission with a donation and 3000€ has been awarded to  Orangutan Outreach to continue to promote public awareness and to protect orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be returned to their natural environment.

Richard Zimmerman of Orangutan Outreach responds, “We would especially like to honour all the students and teachers around the world who made the “Hello My World!” campaign such a huge success. Your efforts have helped raise global awareness of the crisis facing orangutans in the wild. Thank you.”

About the Helen Doron Educational Group

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