Helen Doron Teen ESL Student Shares Her Week With Us

Tatjana Petkovic, the Helen Doron English Serbian National Franchisor, sent us the latest interview in a fascinating series highlighting the achievements of teens who have something interesting to share about themselves— in English!

The fourth article is written by Ana, a 13-year-old Teen English student who shares a bit of her life with us including: hobbies, entertainment preferences, school and more.

My name is Ana Petrovic, I am 13 years old and I live in Novi Sad. In this text I will describe my week.

I have many hobbies like singing, learning English and German, doing sports and playing the piano. I also go to the music school and theHelen Doron English school.

When people talk about parties, they are actually talking about me. I like them and often go to them. There I like talking with friends and playing games.

I also read a lot and my favorite book is “Klika”. I recommend it.


I go to school every day and I have a lot of homework to do. That takes an hour of my free time. After that I have many obligations and I need to finish them before I go out with friends. But when the work is done I can spend my free time playing all kinds of games with my brother, sister, cousins and friends and watch films with my family.

After this crazy day I am sleepy and I can’t wait to go to bed.

I also watch TV and my favorite is “Disney channel”. I love shows like “Jessie”, “ANT farm” and “Austin and Ally”.

The band I like the most is “One Direction” and their song “Kiss You” so I listen to it frequently.

My favorite actress is Selene Gomez.


Weekend is a break time, but I am not the girl who sleeps a lot. I wake up at 7:00 AM and watch TV. After that I eat my breakfast, finish homework and then spend time playing games, hanging out with friends and reading books. I have German lessons on Saturdays but I enjoy them. I like doing pilates very much, because there I can meet lots of friends.


I am a pretty good singer and I enjoy singing and playing the piano. I sing in a choir in my elementary and music school. I also act pretty well and I like fashion.

I would like to ride a horse and I think I am going to have another hobby in my life soon.