Online Helen Doron Song Club Helps Young Children Learn English

The recently launched Helen Doron Song Club channel on YouTube, featuring lively songs, makes it fun and easy for even very young children to learn English.


blogpost-HDE songclub

The Helen Doron Educational Group, international leaders in educational programmes for children of all ages, recently launched its newest YouTube channel: Helen Doron Song Club. Based on babies’ and young children’s natural affinity for learning through music, the video collection was created especially with the goal of introducing English to children whose parents understand the importance of introducing a second language at an early age.

The playlist includes an assortment of English songs and nursery rhymes for kids in a variety of formats. Professional actors were engaged to produce the entertaining and educational video clips, designed to capture and hold the attention of babies and children. New videos will be added on a regular basis, so once the songs are familiar, new ones with additional vocabulary and rhythms are introduced to both subscribed and new viewers.

“We wanted to extend the accessibility of our unique materials, by offering a taste of it online to children everywhere around the world.” commented Keren Livne, Helen Doron Educational Group Marketing Manager.” Children learn naturally through music and rhythm, and when it comes to learning a second language, the earlier the better. The Song Club makes it easy for parents to create a home environment in which English is present, in a fun and entertaining way.”

In addition to the Helen Doron Song Club for young children, the Helen Doron maintains two other YouTube channels: Helen Doron Teen Channel with original songs for pre-teen and teenage students and Helen Doron Clips featuring a compilation of international Helen Doron videos, songs and pedagogic information.