Saving the Orangutan, One Video at a Time

HDE_HMW_blogHelen Doron Educational Group’s Hello My World!” initiative donates one euro per video uploaded by children throughout the world. The global campaign focuses on supporting the protection, conservation, and understanding about orangutans and their natural habitat, as well as caring for orphaned orangutans and helping them make the transition back into the rainforest.

“Hello My World!” is an international social and educational campaign initiated by the Helen Doron Educational Group to mark the 30th anniversary of Helen Doron English. To date, almost 2,000 video clips from children in 27 countries have been submitted. Each child explains, in English why it is important to help save the orangutan and protect the rainforests.

The initiative has attracted attention and cooperation from a variety of organizations and foundations devoted to saving the intelligent red primate. Founder and CEO, Helen Doron explains, “By encouraging children to learn English we provide them with a tool which allows them to communicate with each other and establish new relationships. This shared language is of tremendous value as it unifies our voice and together, we can spread awareness to the plight of the orangutan. We will strengthen the impact of our voice with a financial donation. Each video that a child submits will generate 1 Euro to help the endangered orangutan. We will donate one euro for every video uploaded until we reach our goal of 4000 videos.”

Learn more, join us and create your own short video clip to help raise awareness for the orangutan and take part in this very important worldwide campaign. Together we can make a difference!