SUCCESS! Why 8-year-old Arslan from Sarajevo Loves Helen Doron English

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Arijana Cisic-Omerovic, Professor of English/American Language and Literature and her husband Adnan, a Graphic Technician, are the proud parents of 8-year-old Arslan, who has been a Helen Doron English student for almost 5 years.

The family lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and speaks only Bosnian at home. As an English professional, Arijana enthusiastically told us the reasons why the Helen Doron English methodology has been so beneficial for her son. “Helen Doron classes are better than any of the competitors, because English is learned through interaction, songs, games and other entertaining activities. It is not, like in most other cases, focused only on reading, writing and learning words and phrases by heart (which is a huge mistake in most foreign languages studies). Furthermore, the essence is, I believe, in communication with children and their mutual interaction, which makes learning much faster and more solid and lasting.”

Arslan’s mother is very pleased with her son’s progress and says he always has fun in his classes, which is very important to them. “We are very pleased with the overall progress, vocabulary building and in particular, his communication skills in English.  His English is much better (I would even dare to say incomparable) than his friends who do not attend English classes of any kind, and he enjoys himself in the process!”

Arijana emphasized how crucial having good English is, no matter where you are in the world. “Knowing the English language is simply a must, given its importance and usage throughout the world: in everyday life, school and work.”

Why Helen Doron?  On numerous occasions I always recommend Helen Doron classes for their different approach and system than the other ones here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My son’s knowledge of English as a foreign language is an excellent example of an outstanding programme because Helen Doron constantly adds new books and classes, as language is a living thing and must be adjusted to the times and needs of the people/children who study it. For that reason, and of course, my son’s results in the past 4.5 years, we plan to continue with the classes as long as he is interested and willing to go. At this moment, I must emphasize, he is still happy to attend the classes, with the same eagerness and enthusiasm like in the previous years.”