SUCCESS! Eighteen Years of Teaching Helen Doron English to 4,000 Children! 

marie_biton_israel_528pxBritish-born Marie moved to Israel when she was only 19 and worked in the import-export industry. She currently lives in Rishon Lezion, near Tel Aviv and all 3 of her daughters, now 23, 18 and 15, grew up in the Helen Doron English family. The family is bilingual. “At home we speak both English and Hebrew. When the children were little, mostly English.”

Following the birth of her second daughter Marie heard about Helen Doron. “My friend told me about the methodology, I looked into it, did the teacher training course and never looked back!” 18 years later, Marie reports that she is teaching all levels: “both Didi the Dragon in larger groups in kindergartens and Fun with Flupe through to Paul Ward and the Treasure in home groups. Over 18 years I’ve taught about 4,000 children!”

There have been many changes and advances in the company throughout the past 18 years. “I have a lot of experience as a teacher and I enjoy working with the method. I’m very happy with the progress and technological advances the company has taken. I just love the Helen Doron Song Club on YouTube, Kangi Club and the downloadable props.   On my smartphone I show the students and parents the Song Club and recommend them to put it in the favourites on their kids’ tablets.  I constantly remind the students and parents to go on the Kangi club games site. All the apps featuring games and songs are great tools for learning at home!”

Why does Marie enjoy her profession at Helen Doron so much? “Most importantly, my students give me a lot of job satisfaction. I feel truly blessed to work doing something that I love. If someone asked my why they should become a teacher with our method I’d tell them that it’s tailor-made for children of all ages to suit all levels. The lesson plans and ideas, games and materials are all supplied for you. You have support online and from other teachers, as well as constant seminars and updates. All you need is energy, a great imagination and a love of children. You even get to choose your working hours and make a good income from it too!”

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