SUCCESS! Empowering Kids with the Gift of English

Raneen Gharzuzi, from Tarshiha, Israel has experienced the Helen Doron English world from all angles: as a franchisee, as a teacher and as the proud parent of three Helen Doron students. The multicultural mom’s native tongue is Arabic, which is the language spoken at home and she also speaks fluent Hebrew and of course, English.

Raneen relates her Helen Doron history over the past 15 years. “A friend of mine used to be a Helen Doron teacher and she was so enthusiastic about it that I decided to look into it. I started as a Helen Doron English teacher as a part-time job, fell in love with the methodology, with the kids, and with the results and decided that it is not going to be just a job for me—it’s going to be my vocation!

“After being a teacher for around 6 years, I decided to take it one step further, and I became a franchisee.  Now I have five teachers working with me, teaching about 300 students.”

Raneen sees the methodology as being quite different from other English courses she has encountered. “It’s not just teaching English, its being part of an international community. The students are part of a class that speaks only English, with a maximum of eight students per class, with many games, fun, movement, dancing, great books and a lot of apps and online games. My students have great English with the right accent and most importantly, a love of the language.”

She highly recommends the company to those who are looking for teaching and/or franchise opportunities. “It’s an international method that is being taught all over the world! You get ongoing training support, flexible hours, good payment and a lot of satisfaction and fun.

As I always say, you have to love what you do in order to succeed. I love being a franchisee, and a teacher, and especially seeing so many students speaking fluent English— thanks to Helen Doron English courses.”

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