SUCCESS! Good English is the Key to Traveling the World

Spela Ramovs is the proud mother of four-year-old Rui, who has been a Helen Doron English student in Kranj, Slovenia since he was only a year old. His baby sister will also begin classes soon, as the family loves to travel and know they need good English to communicate anywhere in the world.

Spela tells us that she and her husband often recommend Helen Doron to others. The whole family is actually enjoying Helen Doron, as we are also learning new words we didn’t know before. This way we are stretching our vocabulary beyond business use of English, learning flowers, birds, breeds etc. – interesting indeed! It is really exciting for all the students, but the most valuable for us is seeing our son learning a second language through fun games and movement naturally, with no pressure. We are delighted we can offer this experience to our kids, having Helen Doron in Kranj and being able to attend. Big thanks goes to our teachers that are creative and full of energy and welcome you with a big smile. Rui loves attending class and looks forward to going!”