SUCCESS! So Proud to be Part of a Successful International Franchise

Stacy 1000
Stacy Eracleous – Learning Centre Franchisee – Nicosia, Cyprus

US-born Stacy (Anastasia) has been living in Cyprus for over 30 years, having moved there after marrying her wonderful native husband, and tells us she is thrilled with the opportunity to teach the Cypriot children her beloved native tongue. Her chosen career with Helen Doron English has become a multi-generational vocation in her family. “I was working at an English nursery, when a friend decided to start the Helen Doron method in Cyprus. She offered me the training to become a Helen Doron teacher, which I gladly accepted and I worked for her for three years. I then took the chance and bought a Learning Centre in Nicosia which I have been successfully running for ten years. I even have an amazing daughter who trained to be a Helen Doron teacher, and we both love it! The Helen Doron method manages to reach children and teenagers through fun and easy education.”

Stacy reflects that there is little real competition for English classes in her country, as the methodology is so effective. “Helen Doron offers so much due to the innovative and child friendly way of teaching young learners the English language. They learn so effortlessly with the Helen Doron method, and this is what makes it so hard to compete with.” She added that becoming a franchisee was the right career choice for her. “I am proud to be part of an internationally recognized franchise. I work at my Learning Centre every afternoon, and in the morning I go to private Greek nursery schools to teach Helen Doron courses. I am very happy being a part of Helen Doron!”

She also really finds the numerous smartphone applications to be useful enrichment supplements “My favourite app is the Fun with Flupe one, which it is really helpful with my lessons. Not to mention that all my students find it very exciting to go to the app and explore. Starting next school year, we plan on tuning into Helen Doron Radio during school hours for parents and students to listen to while they wait.”

Despite the challenging financial climate in Cyprus, Stacy reports that she had 135 students this school year and 145 more in the private nursery schools nurseries.  “Amongst all of our successes, my favourite experience is watching the young students growing and reaching the level of taking Cambridge Exams and receiving top marks. Every year we send students for the Cambridge Young Learners Exams. The first years we took part in the public sessions. Our students achieved such great scores, that the British Council took notice and now provides us with a private setting. This year I prepared fifty students for Cambridge Young Learners Exams. The comments that the interviewers made were that the Helen Doron students speak and express themselves in a carefree manner with a love of the English language. “

The backing she receives from the international headquarters gives the enthusiastic business woman and educator all the tools she needs for success. “We feel that the support and help we receive from the Head Office goes above and beyond. Their responses are immediate and very thorough. As a matter of fact, the Helen Doron Head Office Staff are like our Guardian Angels. As for the ongoing training sessions, they are rewarding and beneficial for the Helen Doron teachers. I speak from personal experience that having a Helen Doron franchise has been rewarding both personally and financially. The work is enjoyable and challenging as well.”

Stacy concludes that she not only highly recommends following a career path with Helen Doron, but she also has an important message for parents thinking about English classes for their children. “By enrolling your children at Helen Doron, you are giving them a lifelong gift. We have experienced the positive effects of children starting English at a very young age and the results are amazing, since they speak with a proper English accent. In school, they advance much faster than children who have never attended English lessons. An Early English education is beneficial for every child’s career, so take advantage of this opportunity!”

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