SUCCESS! Slovakian Family Connects to the World with English!

Bratislava, Slovakia
is the home of Silvia Langermann, a productive life and business coach, and her husband Thomas, who leads an event-planning company, a company that sells roses and is also a life coach like his wife. The family also includes two boys: three-year-old  Matyas and four-year-old Matus, and baby girl who will definitely attend when she is older. Silvia enthuses about her sons’ Helen Doron experience, “I like the way my sons learn English in Helen Doron, because it’s so natural for them. They are learning through fun, they even don’t realize they are learning!”

At home, both Slovak and Hungarian is spoken, as Silvia’s mother tongue is Hungarian and Thomas’s grew up speaking Slovak. “Both languages are spoken at home and my children are fluent in both.”

Silvia relates that she can see visible improvement in her sons’ progress weekly, and she finds the methodology very effective. Importantly, they have fun in class and look forward to attending. “Both boys always come home in a good mood which makes us all happy, and their English is better and better every week.”

The proud mother is also pleased that her children’s spoken English, after only two years of Helen Doron classes, is already better than their peers who don’t attend Helen Doron. She feels that knowing good English is essential for Slovakians as she says, “English for me means connection with the world… with people, with knowledge, everything! Speaking English brings more possibilities to people´s lives.”

Silvia concluded, “I always recommend Helen Doron English to my friends and family. It’s the right way to teach children English!“langermann-photo-2

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