SUCCESS! Spreading Helen Doron English around the World

Isabella is yet another inspiring example of a Helen Doron teacher trainer who took advantage of the international franchise’s opportunity to train in one location, and then work in her choice of 35 countries!  Isabella was born and raised in Italy, currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand, and is married to a man from China.

The lovely young woman enthused, “Since my husband is Chinese and I work in an international environment, we speak mainly English at home. I have been working for Helen Doron for 11 years, and became a teacher trainer 8 years ago. I felt from the start that this was my life career because I can speak English all the time. I love this language, and it’s an opportunity to teach it to my favourite people: kids. This job has allowed me to be creative, gives me the chance to travel a lot, and become friends with many people from all over the world—it has given me the feeling of belonging to a large extended family. Thanks to Helen Doron, I also met my husband and my best friends live in several continents. Now my home is in Thailand, my heart is between China and Italy and my relatives and parents live all around the world!”

Isabella continued, “No other English centres offer such devoted, well-trained and passionate teachers. We really care about our students, we want them to be successful in life, not only be good at speaking English. Our students also become members of a big family. Our materials are amazingly beautiful and well designed, and the teachers love playing with the Helen Doron apps just as much as the students do.”

If you love teaching, are proficient in English and are looking for a challenge, Isabella has a message for you. “If you are willing to professionally and personally grow, this career will suit you perfectly. You could be teaching in Russia one year, and the next year you might consider teaching at Helen Doron in Thailand or China, when you join this big international family.

Over the years, I have met amazing people who have respected me as a trainer and inspired me in many incredible ways. I am so happy to hear that many excellent teachers I have trained are now owners of their own Helen Doron Learning Centres and doing well. “


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