SUCCESS! Vassilevs from Bulgaria Have Fun Learning English with Helen Doron


Stefan Vassilev, an engineering consultant and his wife, a financial expert, live in Sofia, Bulgaria with their daughters Vyara, 3 ½ and Raya 5 ½.

Both girls started in Helen Doron English classes from age one as Stefan told us, “For me and my wife it is very important that the children get the opportunity to learn English while they are young and not yet burdened by life.” Although their native language is Bulgarian, the parents often speak English at home as it is good practiced for all of them.

The Vassilevs are all very pleased with the entire Helen Doron experience. “We are very happy/satisfied with Helen Doron programme, and in particular with the local representative Mrs. Albena Zahmanova. She is a very kind and friendly woman who always finds a way to satisfy all of the children and parents with their individual requirements and desires.  All of the Helen Doron teachers working with our children are also very kind, attentive and well-trained.

The English level of our children is quite high compared with that of their peers, as in Bulgaria early foreign language learning is not very common. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to send our children to Helen Doron. Since Bulgaria is in the EU, English is an official language and it should be like a second native language and we all must be fluent. Learning English gives them more opportunities for communication and contacts throughout the world.”

Stefan reflects on why Helen Doron was the best choice for his family as opposed to the competitors. “There are many types of English schools and courses and some of them are quite good, but they are very few who who start with such young children, which is what makes Helen Doron special and so effective. The children enjoy attending and do not feel like they are going to school, but love to go there to have fun and play games. They don’t even feel they are learning.”

The girls can’t wait to go to their Helen Doron English classes.  “Every week they ask the same question – what day is today, is it Wednesday? Their classes are on Wednesday, so they are both looking forward and anticipating the next lesson.”

What do the girls like most about their Helen Doron classes? “The songs and dances are the part of the lesson that they love the most, and the end of the lesson of course, because they receive rewards (in the form of stamps and stickers) for good behavior and demonstrated knowledge.  When they get the prize they feel proud of themselves.”



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